当父母送孩子出国留学时, they want their children to live in a place that provides a level of care similar to what they’d get at home. This means a safe and comfortable living environment, 注意营养和健康的生活方式, proper care if special needs arise such as sickness, 以及独立生活的训练.

我们的全方位护理生活® is based on a “home-away-from-home” model which delivers, 以最好的方式, the kind of care parents would provide their own children at home. By providing a healthy and safe on-campus life outside the classroom, CIC’s 全面照护生活 removes the pressures that other international students face when they live off campus, 远离家乡.

How students are maturing is intimately connected

That’s why we record assessments of their life at CIC alongside their academic assessments, all in the same centralized information system – our Total Care Student Tracker®. This gives our staff – and parents – a complete picture of every student’s needs – academic, social, 情感, 和物理. Such a picture is only possible when school and life are properly integrated, an advantage that off-campus living arrangements (be they rented apartments or home-stay) are simply unable to match. 通过创造一个支持性的, 为国际学生提供健康的环境, 全面护理生活促进social化, 可以减少压力, 帮助我们的学生成功.

全面照护生活® 没有压力的生活


  • Brand new comforter and pillow for each student on arrival
  • Air-conditioned and heated bedroom with individual control
  • 每个房间都有无线网络和有线网络
  • 私人电话分机和语音信箱
  • 书桌有适当的照明


  • Housekeeping, including weekly room cleaning and vacuuming
  • 每两周换一次床单
  • Residence and meal service open 365 days, including holidays
  • 内部诊所,护士和健康室


  • Chartwell, a leading food services provider, sets high food safety standards
  • Our food services meet and exceed Ontario’s regulations on health and safety


  • 一天最多四顿营养可口的饭菜, 随便吃晚餐和早午餐, 包括假期在内的每一天
  • Menus designed by qualified dieticians and executive chefs
  • Onsite kitchen at each campus/residence building to serve freshly prepared meals
  • 饮食选择包括素食, 素食主义者, 无谷蛋白, 清真, 洁食, lactose intolerant and other religious/cultural needs


  • 新生入学和整合
  • 课外活动
  • 周末俱乐部和运动
  • Age appropriate and/or gender specific extracurricular activities


  • Rules, regulations and routines build constructive habits
  • Teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and analytical skills
  • 周末烹饪课



  • 住校辅导
  • 住宿生活辅导
  • 家庭家长(住家督导员)


  • Program with dedicated staff ensure they receive the priority care and attention they need
  • 作业检查



  • As required for the application of Study Permit by Canada Immigration
  • 免费的托管服务
  • 一次性法律文件费(300加元).00) for custodianship is charged at time of application


  • School nurses will administer vaccinations of students on-site as required by Ontario’s Public Health Department
  • Assistance in renewing study permits, visas, passports and travel booking
  • 管理和分配零花钱
  • Liaise with parents in the event of medical or legal needs of the students


We know safety and healthcare are two of the highest priorities when parents send their child abroad to study.
We pride ourselves in taking the greatest care to keep children safe and sound. 具体来说,我们


  • Before leaving home, our “Handbook for Safe Travel” educates your child on safety concerns


  • Upon request, your child will be met at the airport and transported to our campus
  • Your child receives a free SIM Card to call home promptly

Familiarize your child with CIC before school starts

  • Orientation Program to familiarize new students with the school, 他们的新同学和汉密尔顿, 他们的新城市
  • New students get a free taxi card to use to return to campus if they are lost anywhere in Hamilton


  • 男生和女生分开居住
  • 家庭家长有严格的居住规定
  • 24/7 security staff provide safety everywhere with;
    • 视频监控
    • 门禁入口、电梯和楼层
    • Individual lockable space for valuables inside room
  • 学校和住处之间的挨家挨户的巴士
  • 每学期进行应急演习
  • Staff are trained to identify and address bullying


  • Over 30 caring, multilingual Liaison Officers provide support to all students and their parents
  • Our unique online ezReport Card provide parents with the most up-to-date information about their child


  • We train our students to avoid identify theft and fraud; to protect their personal information on and off line
  • We assist our students in the renewing of their study permit and student visa


  • 在学校和宿舍提供现场诊所
  • Nurses make rounds at all residences in the morning
  • 预防疾病工作坊教育学生
  • 疫苗接种现场接种
  • Staff are specially trained to handle mental health concerns and medical emergencies
  • Medical histories are kept confidentially and provided to hospital in case of need