Celebration of Character – CIC Recognizes Students Who Make an Impact to the School Community

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祝贺所有2022年秋季学期品格奖获得者. Thank you for showing positive moral attitudes and making an impact in and outside of classroom!

At CIC, we are devoted to developing students’ academic excellence through character building and character education is embedded in teaching, 课外活动及社会推广项目.

Each semester, we are incredibly proud to celebrate exemplary students who display positive character traits and contribute to a great experience for the school community.

We also sincerely thanks parents for their trust as their children continue their educational journey and further develop core values here at CIC.波琳娜舍甫琴科

Polina receives the Character Award because of the perseverance and hard work she puts in courses and assignments. She always takes responsibility for her own learning and has great attitude towards school. 我们相信,她的这些品质将在中投公司以外的许多领域为她服务.

Anita Gourab Jeiri Pour

Anita is known for being a caring person who is always concerned about the others. Ms. 克洛德:安妮塔确保每个人都在课堂上. She goes above and beyond to support classmates and friends when they are struggling. 她的善良和同情心激励着周围的人.

Damir Khalitov

Damir is an athlete who is highly talented and competitive in varsity and intramurals. He is also willing to take on leadership roles and encourages other students in sports. 他对同龄人表现出了极大的耐心和包容.

Charlene Fong

夏琳被许多老师形容为一缕阳光. 她有礼貌、有责任心、有上进心、勤奋……她的优点不胜枚举. She started as a 初中 student at CIC and has since grown into a student leader on campus and in residence. 夏琳还以她完美的跳绳技巧而闻名!

Ka Laam Chu

Ka Laam displays exceptional responsibility in class and puts the best effort into his work. He also shows a lot of courtesy and confidence in communications with others. All these character traits will continue to serve him well in university and leadership roles!

Suryadi Williams

Suryadi exudes positive energy which impacts the class in a positive way and makes teaching a more pleasant experience for teachers. 他总是马上完成他的工作,并帮助他周围的学生. 每个老师都为有像Suryadi这样的学生而自豪.

Daniswara Hafidz Pratama

Ms. Klodt nominated Daniswara because he warmly greeted a group of visiting students from Brazil during biology class and introduced them to the strawberry DNA experiment. His kindness, compassion and patience make him a friendly ambassador for the entire school.

Bernado Mosmann

Bernado not only excels academically, but also shows incredible kindness and compassionate to others. 他曾经无私地让出校车座位,帮助一名需要帮助的学生, 所以公共汽车才能准时出发. 他的成熟确实对他的同龄人产生了影响.


Alisa goes above and beyond to in her academics and achieved high 90’s in English. 她总是以极大的细心和责任感完成她的工作. 她的时间管理和组织能力也很出色. 继续保持优秀!

Esin Amanda

Esin在备课方面做得很好. She works extremely hard to ensure she understands course materials and gets good marks in assignments and tests. Like many students, she is willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities. 干得好,保持下去.

Daria Shabrova

达莉亚这学期过得很好, 表现出很强的自律, 学术成就和在校领导能力! 她克服了各种挑战,成为了校园里一个强有力的贡献者! 我们很自豪地看到她所产生的巨大影响.

Chloe Lu Kong

Chloe总是很善良,有礼貌,愿意在课堂上帮助别人. 她已经积累了200多个小时的社区工作时间. We believe that, whichever community she chooses to live in, she will make a profound impact!

Le Bron Pryce

勒布朗每天都表现出尊重. 他总是彬彬有礼. 他自愿在每周的DECA会议结束后帮忙打扫卫生. Le Bron is also a dedicated member of CIC Student Media Team who loves sharing his photography talent with the school community.

Kafashan Iman

卡卡山被描述为头脑冷静, 以行动为导向,深思熟虑地决定他的职业道路. He also exemplified inclusiveness when he greeted visiting students from Brazil and introduced them to the strawberry DNA experiment during biology class.

Anita Gourab Jeiri Pour

Anita is known for being a caring person who is always concerned about the others. Ms. 克洛德:安妮塔确保每个人都在课堂上. She goes above and beyond to support classmates and friends when they are struggling. 她的善良和同情心激励着周围的人.

Michelle Imanose Omueh

米歇尔是卡拉ok和烹饪俱乐部的活跃成员. 她总是帮助员工布置和清理. She’s an extremely polite and respectful student who puts others before herself.

Elina Brodovska

Elina has received three character awards so far, this time for showing perseverance in learning. She always enters classroom with a lot of energy, stays engaged and maximizes class time. 她还慷慨地花时间帮助同学做功课.

Stephanie Sumbu

斯蒂芬妮(左)是正直、责任和毅力的典范. She comes to class prepared every day and immensely contributes to the class. 她不仅把自己的工作做好了, 还能组织同学一起完成任务.


Regina非常外向和尊重人. She never forgets to say “Hello” to teachers and classmates when she enters classroom. Her parents describe her as a ray of sun shine and they are excited to see her positive character traits further developed at CIC.

Moses Chung

Moses goes above and beyond to make friends with students from different countries. He goes out his way to help a student with weak English skills and makes sure he stays on track. This includes guiding and helping him during a group conversation assessment.


托尼一到中投公司就主动要求加入中投媒体团队. He is always seen busy taking photos at various school events, putting his talent to great use. His enthusiasm and hard work have made a great impact to the school community.


Vicky是一个总是向周围人散发正能量的学生. 她关心、善良、尊重他人. 她自愿花了很多时间欢迎新学生加入社区. Vicky也是一位才华横溢的艺术家、摄影师和歌手.

Bredan Elvis Lee

在模拟读写测试中, Brendan helped three students in his classroom to connect to the Safe Exam Browser, significantly lowering their stress and assisting both the supervisor and IT department. 谢谢你的无私.

Mohammadreza Raeesi

Mohammadreza超越了对同龄人的包容和关心. 尽管他自己是个新生, 他带另一个新来的学生去上课, 带他四处转转,帮他安顿下来. 他的善举起了作用!

Gleb Sugorkin

Ms. 米利切维奇形容格列布是一个在任何情况下都能看到积极一面的人. 他是一个很有礼貌和责任心的学生. He always says “Hello” to teachers and makes sure his assignments are submitted before deadline.

Deborah Adigun

黛博拉是一个勤奋的学生,上课总是有备而来, monitors herself without teachers’ involvement and puts details into her assignments. 她对自己的时间很慷慨,只要她能在课堂上帮助别人.

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